Contract Cleaners Will Improve Your Productivity

Contract Cleaners Will Improve Your Productivity

How Contract Cleaners Can Improve Your Business Productivity

Contract cleaners you trust to do an excellent are more important than ever. Research from Tork shows there’s a link between hygienic workplaces and happy employees. We’ve been living in a “sick building era” for over 40 years and it’s time facilities managers prioritised health.

Luna Clean looks at the facts relevant to the entire commercial cleaning industry. We also spotlight the West Sussex workplaces we make healthy and happy.

What does the office cleaning research reveal?

Tork’s main findings were:

  • 86% of office employees regard cleanliness as the most important aspect of a good work environment.
  • 85% of employees think the cleanliness of restrooms reflects how clean the building is overall.
  • 67% of employees say they’re more likely to complain about a restroom than any other aspect of their office.
  • 45% of office building complaints are about restrooms.

This suggests office employees feel more comfortable and are likely to be more productive in a clean workplace. Also, hygienic toilets are top of their agenda for a healthy working environment.

Who can blame them? No one wants to spend a lot of time somewhere that has lingering smells and suspect stubborn stains that make them feel grubby.

Other studies show that improved air quality can boost cognitive function by  more than 25%. And over 30% of people would consider leaving their jobs because of poor indoor air quality.

Allen and Macomber, who wrote Healthy Buildings: How Indoor Spaces Drive Performance and Productivity, suggest the nine foundations of a healthy building are:

  • Ventilation
  • Air quality
  • Thermal health
  • Moisture
  • Dusts and pests
  • Safety and security
  • Water quality
  • Noise
  • Lighting and views

Facilities manager focus

Did you know that facilities managers spend less than 20% of their time improving cleaning performance and quality? But they maintain quality commercial cleaning is their top priority.

With a growing list of daily tasks and demands, facilities and office manager jobs aren’t easy. Especially when supply chain issues, labour shortages and tight budgets are thrown into the mix. Now, they must consider how the cleanliness of the workplace effects employee performance too…

Healthy workplaces show your staff you care about their health, safety, and happiness. This is where Luna Clean can help. We’re not only reliable and affordable but we’ve got proven results as one of the best contract cleaners in West Sussex.

We’ve provided quality commercial cleaning services to everyone — from bank and business offices in Chichester to restaurants and surgeries in Worthing to shops and storage facilities in Bognor Regis. All with hygienic and happy results

Hygienic, happy workplaces!

 “We’re very happy customers and would highly recommend your services. You’re a very helpful and friendly team who deliver a high standard of work” — Grove Lodge Veterinary Group, Worthing


“Luna Clean is a great company, we have had nothing but outstanding service the whole time, we’re very happy. The quality of work has been great, and any issues resolved immediately. Communication has been good, and we would like to recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and great service!” —Centre for Dentistry, Chichester.


Check out more testimonials from our happy clients with healthy workplaces.

Contact contract cleaners for that special sparkle…

 To experience quality commercial cleaning services that will make your workplace healthy and productive, contact us.






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