Industrial Cleaning Services in West Sussex

Industrial Cleaning Services in West Sussex

Winning West Sussex Industrial Cleaning Services

With our clients and the environment as a priority, we provide professional industrial cleaning services throughout West Sussex.

Whether you manage a storage facility, a retail warehouse, a manufacturing plant or a food processing factory, you’ll want to glean the Luna Clean gleam.

Below is advice on how you can care for your concrete floors. You can also get insight into our best practice industrial cleaning process.

Increased industrial cleaning demand

According to research by Technavio, the industrial cleaning services market size is set to grow over the next three years.

What’s the driving force for change? There’s a call for the use of less toxic substances in industrial cleaning. Hazardous cleaning agents cause health and safety concerns for workers. But the wider risks of contamination to air, water and soils are a huge environmental issue.

With this in mind, it’s handy for your business to get ahead of the trend. Secure contract cleaners who care about people and planet for your factory or warehouse ASAP.

Here’s what some of our happy industrial cleaning clients said about our contract cleaning services:

“Luna Clean has cleaned our 36,000 square feet storage facility for over two years. We’re impressed with the standard of their work and the positive friendly attitude of our cleaners”Self Storage Space UK Ltd.

“With 5 unit factories on the Lancing Business Park with attached offices, Luna Clean has done a tremendous job… They’ve never let us down and go over and above” — Amanda Boothby, Micron Semiconductor.


Tips for maintaining concrete floors

Concrete floors are a popular choice for factories and warehouses because they’re durable. But it’s important to note that they’re not maintenance-free.

Here are three things to consider if you’re a facilities manager for an industrial space with concrete flooring:

  1. Cleaning concrete — A good industrial cleaning routine will extend the life of your concrete floors. But it’s important to use cleaning products that won’t stain or damage the flooring with a chemical reaction. Likewise, make sure your contract cleaning company uses cleaning equipment that will only benefit your concrete flooring.


  1. Polishing concrete — This doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money. Concrete floors can often be polished during the working day without disruption to operations. Best practice is to use the appropriate cleaning equipment and agents. Also, add floor polishing to a daily cleaning roster. That way, the flooring is maintained, and the job never becomes too big.


If you’re new to our commercial services, Luna Clean can add a floor polish to an initial deep clean. We’ll then make it part of your regular cleans going forward.


  1. Waxing concrete — Stripping and waxing your concrete floors can become hard work. Not only will all free-standing machinery need to be moved, but the process can damage the flooring.


Continued stripping could also affect the floor’s wear. What’s more, wax doesn’t allow the concrete to breathe so moisture can get trapped.


Typical industrial cleaning process

Here are the kind of tasks your contract cleaner, such as Luna Clean, might carry out at your factory or warehouse:

  • Debris removal — Dust and dirt is loosened and removed using industrial-grade vacuum cleaners.
  • Degreasing — We get rid of oil and grease using special solvents.
  • Decontamination — As standard, we’ll make sure your workspace doesn’t just look clean but is sanitary too.
  • Descaling — We’ll remove mineral deposits and buildups to ensure your equipment stays in perfect working order.


Contact your local eco-friendly industrial cleaning company

To experience quality industrial cleaning services that will make your factory or warehouse shine, contact us.


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