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Maximise elf and safety for your business with a Deep Clean

  Gift Your Business a Deep Clean This Christmas Would you love Luna Clean sparkle in your office, shop or surgery over C hristmas? You need our deep commercial cleaning package. While you’re tucking into turkey and feeling festive with your folks, our elves will sprinkle your workplace with magic. Santa’s lent us his most [...]

Office cleaning for a safe winter workplace

        How Office Cleaning Can Keep Your Team Safe This Winter Can office cleaning really combat the common cold? Come winter, workplaces are breeding grounds for colds and flu. This means staff absenteeism goes up and productivity goes down. Luna Clean not only provides quality commercial cleaning in West Sussex but has [...]

The Importance of Colour Coding in Cleaning – Explained………

  In the late 1990s the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) began to develop a universal colour code for the cleaning industry. There were no National or International compulsory standards that existed in the industry so they devised a simple method with some basic guidelines.   The aim was to raise standards and reduce [...]

Luna Clean offers commercial cleaning in Sussex seven days a week

Statistically proven business cleaning services in Worthing, Chichester and Bognor English mathematician and biostatistician Karl Pearson said: "Statistics is the grammar of science." In the same vein, Luna Clean’s commercial cleaning standards are the punctuation of a good business – a sparkling office or a spotless doctor’s surgery is the capital letter that any business [...]

Luna Clean: No Contract, No Hassle!

  Is your commercial cleaning company living up to their contract? It could be time for you to assess the situation and consider parting ways. Luna Clean is aware that many cleaning companies do not deliver the service they promise when they have customers sign up and this hot topic has made the headlines just [...]

Cleaning the sink?

Every road leads to the…kitchen! Whether you want to wash the dishes or maybe an apple you enter into contact with the sink. This should be one of the cleanest surfaces in our home, but often it is full of germs and bacteria. Well, it sees a lot of action. People rinse fruits, vegetables, fish, [...]

Cleanliness at the doctor’s office

Is really the doctor’s office a bacteria-free space? Do you really know to what are you exposing yourself? Moreover, pay attention if you work there, you might want to call a cleaning company after this article. I had once a friend that went to have an appendectomy, and when she got out of the hospital, [...]

Bacteria in your home!

You you thought that dropping a cookie on the floor might me edible if you give it a quick brush, you are wrong. Hygiene Council did a study and discovered that the kitchen floor situated in front of the sink contains more bacteria(830 per square inch) than the trash (411 per square inch) that all [...]

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