Office cleaning for a safe winter workplace

Office cleaning for a safe winter workplace





How Office Cleaning Can Keep Your Team Safe This Winter

Can office cleaning really combat the common cold? Come winter, workplaces are breeding grounds for colds and flu. This means staff absenteeism goes up and productivity goes down. Luna Clean not only provides quality commercial cleaning in West Sussex but has a few tips on how to make your people safe and sound.


Sanitary surfaces and fresh air

The immediate threat of COVID might be behind us (for the moment) but plenty of bugs and viruses remain rife and ready to attack when the temperature drops. Sickness absence rates in the workplace more than double during the winter. And the second week of December brings with it the most unplanned absences.

You have a responsibility to maintain the health and safety of your staff, clients and visitors. So, your first step towards a happy workplace is cleanliness. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your office is a place people want to work in:

  1. Prioritise office cleaning –– Have your office cleaner pay extra attention to high-traffic areas where lots of different people attend and make contact. These include your reception, kitchen and meeting rooms.
  2. Wash away those germs –– Keep up those signs reminding people to wash their hands. Make sure your antibacterial soap and hand sanitiser dispensers are full and working.
  3. Have at your HVAC — Keep your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) in check. Change filters, carry out seasonal maintenance and do an air quality assessment. Whenever the cold weather allows, leave windows open to bring fresh air into the building.



Minimising mould

With the cold weather dampness increases. We switch on the heating to try and counteract this. But what we’re doing is creating ideal conditions for mould and mildew.

Mould isn’t just unsightly, leaving your visitors with a bad impression of your business, but it’s a health risk for your employees. This is where having at your HVAC (see above) really comes into play. You need to optimise the air quality in your office and a dehumidifier can help prevent mould growth too.

Another way to make sure mould doesn’t set in is to engage attentive contract cleaners. If they pinpoint standing water, damp carpets and condensation they can help nip a potential mould problem in the bud.


Get our office cleaning treatment

The best way to make sure your staff stay safe and healthy is to keep your office cleaning up to scratch.

With an excellent track record as a commercial cleaning services company, Luna Clean will make sure everything from your desks and reception areas to kitchens and bathrooms are not only sparkling but sanitised too. We’ll also look out for potential causes of mould and report any issues so they can be dealt with promptly.

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