Maximise elf and safety for your business with a Deep Clean

Maximise elf and safety for your business with a Deep Clean


Gift Your Business a Deep Clean This Christmas

Would you love Luna Clean sparkle in your office, shop or surgery over C

hristmas? You need our deep commercial cleaning package. While you’re tucking into turkey and feeling festive with your folks, our elves will sprinkle your workplace with magic.

Santa’s lent us his most trusted workers –– Buffy, Duster and Scrub. Specialising in elf and safety, they know all about maximising professional standards and produc


Start 2024 fresh and focused!

Since the pandemic, UK businesses have been paying more attention to c

leanliness. Although many people have adopted the hybrid model, uncleanliness in the workplace is still an issue.

Research shows that the average office building has almost 5000 dirty surfaces.  With high-touch areas like fridges and door handles as the worst for spreading viruses. See Office Cleaning for a Safe Winter Workplace.

  • 70% of employees reported in a CEBR survey that their job satisfaction is affected by how clean their workspace is.
  • 75% of employees think the level of cleanliness in their workplace reflects how much their employer cares about their wellbeing.

This makes your choice of contract cleaner, and the range of services they offer, more important than ever. As a quality commercial cleaning company with 20 years’ experience making clients happy, our office deep cleaning will get you and your staff set for a healthy and pr

oductive new year.

Deep and clean and even…

When undertaking a recent British Institution of Science (BICSc) Control of Cross Contamination course, our Managing Director Mirela Van Der Wee discovered:

“A regular deep clean will assist in the control of cross contamination


and should be implemented as part of any cleaning procedure”.

Your daily or weekly cleaning schedule focuses on tasks that need to be done more often. Whereas deep cleaning involves bigger projects that may require additional attention and equipment. These are much easier to tackle when a workplace is empty, and furniture can be moved around without causing disruptions.

In addition to all your usual regular contract cleaning services, Luna Clean’s deep cleaning package offers any combination of:

  • Clearing and washing inside kitchen cabinets
  • Cleaning inside fridges, ovens and microwaves
  • Cleaning the top of high cabinets
  • Cleaning inside cabinets, cupboards and draws
  • Cleaning behind furniture and appliances that are not regularly moved
  • Cleaning radiators
  • Dusting door frames, high ceilings and light fixtures
  • Steam cleaning carpets
  • Buffing hard floors
  • Washing marks off walls
  • Cleaning windows and screens
  • Cleaning blinds
  • Cleaning upholstery — chairs, sofas, curtains etc.

Depending on the number of staff and visitors you have, consider deep cleaning services — in addition to your regular commercial cleaning schedule —six months or yearly. Making the most of a deep clean is sure to instil confidence in all users of your facilities.

See below (left), one of team using a buffing machine to remove scratches and polish the surface of a reception area. And right, a standard reception chair in the proccess of profesional uphostery cleaning.


Want to maximise elf and safety in your West Sussex workplace for the new year? Contact us for some Luna Clean sparkle.

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